Hi! I’m Toby Cook, a Cloud Computing student with an interest in both ends of the software and hardware debate. You can get in touch via email – my email address can be found at the top of my public CV (this is an effort to thwart spam bots).

I dabble in photography and various computing topics, often focusing on Linux projects. As such, I have at least some experience with all the current major operating systems: Windows (7 to 10), macOS (Sierra to Mojave), Linux (Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, plus GNOME, KDE and i3 graphical environments), iOS (6 to 13), and Android (4 to 7).

My university course focuses on networking and virtualisation, working with Cisco networking hardware and VMware virtualisation technologies. I have a casual interest in information security and often keep up-to-date with major stories in the field.

I’m a gamer, too (of course). I’m most skilled in rhythm games, but I’m still fond of the arena FPS I grew up with.

There might be more added to this site eventually. This server mainly has private services accessed via a VPN, and a few publicly accessible bits and pieces.